Superbowl summary for those who missed it


Lady Gaga was the selected performer at the 2017 Superbowl.

Morgan Browning, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 5, the New England Patriots played the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas. The game began with Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem, making him the first male to ever introduce a Super Bowl game.
At kick-off, who would win the game was up in the air. By halftime, the Falcons were expected to take home the trophy. They were up 14-0 when the Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady, threw a third down pass. Then, the Falcon’s cornerback, Robert Alford, returned the pass 82 yards making the game 21-0. The Patriots quickly got a field goal, making the game 21-3 for the half time.
Halftime meant time for the players to recoup and chat about their plays. The fans, on the other hand, got to watch Lady Gaga take the stage. Starting on top of the stadium roof, jumping down with cables and dropping the microphone made Gaga’s performance a popular topic. Many even compared her overall performance to a Spongebob episode where he comes down from the room singing. The resemblance was definitely there.
Other than the halftime show, the commercials during the Super Bowl are many peoples favorite part. More money and effort from companies is said to be put into these commercials, causing millions of people watching, talking. A few of the eye-catching commercials this year were Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Snickers, Mr. Clean and of course, the Super Bowl babies. You can find any of this year’s ads on the internet by searching “Super Bowl Commercials 2017”. You won’t regret it.
Now, back to the game.
The players come back on the field from halftime, and the fans thought the Patriots had lost this one. However, they thought wrong.
The second half began and the Falcons scored a 6 yard run touchdown, making the score 28-3. Then, the Patriots started to kick into gear. The Patriot’s running back, James White, got a 5 yard touchdown.
With nine minutes and 44 seconds left in the game, the Patriots made a field goal, rising the score to 28-9. The Falcons’ quarterback, Matt Ryan, then fumbled on 3rd-and-1. This allowed the Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, to make a 6 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Danny Amendola. Amendola then snapped the ball to running back, James White, making the game 28-20 with 6 minutes left.
Then, the unthinkable happened. The New England Patriots drove the ball down the field and wide receiver Julian Edelman made an outstanding catch. This play ended with a 1 yard touchdown run from White and a 2 point try that was converted into a pass to Amendola. Now, there was 57 seconds left in the game and the score was 28-28.
As they flipped a coin for overtime, everyone held their breath. The Patriots won the toss and headed to their positions on the field. On 2nd-and-goal, White made the winning score from the 2 yard line. The Patriots had won 34-28.
This made the 5th Super Bowl win for quarterback Tom Brady. Twitter was blowing up with tweets, saying Brady was the ‘goat’ of football. Falcon fans were devastated. No one could believe what had just happened. Then, you had the people who jumped on the bandwagon saying they’re ‘life-long’ Patriots fans. Okay guys, we’ll see if that’s true next season.