“A Dog’s Purpose” movie review



This is a heartwarming movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

If you have ever had a pet of any kind, you can understand the amount of love you get for them, and how complete they make families. “A Dog’s Purpose” has been booming with success because of the amount of emotional connection with the movie viewers.
The story is based on a dog’s path of reincarnation and the purpose and effect a dog has on the lives of humans. Through the perspective of the same dog, in different lives, the connection between a human and pet is shown. A box of Kleenexes will be needed, and maybe even a fury friend.
The movie starts out with a boy, Ethan, meeting what will be his first childhood friend. Through the many lives that the dog has, it saves lives and comforts the hurting hearts of its owners.
With that being said, I thought the movie was wonderful and heartfelt, especially for those who have a huge heart for those around them. Almost everyone who watches can make a connection with the movie.
The film had a great message at the end. Dogs will always be there for you, and they will love and appreciate you no matter what. The funny difference between a dog and a human is that dogs tend to forgive a whole lot easier. If I have learned anything from this move, it is to always hold the things you love close, even your pets.
I guarantee that you will not look at your dog, or any dog the same after this movie. If we lived in a world where we cared as much as dogs, life would be a whole lot more enjoyable. Grab a couple boxes of tissues, some chocolate and a movie partner (particularly a fury one), and enjoy this heartfelt film.