March Horoscopes


What will this season hold for you?

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.18): You will be eccentric this spring season. Be prepared to shine through as the life of the party at your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Who knows what this newfound sense of confidence will bring!

Pisces (Feb.19-Mar.20): Your ditsy nature can keep you off course, but this March great motivation is in your path. You will achieve a multitude of goals just in time to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Aries (Mar.21-Apr.19): Do not be afraid to let your true impulsive nature take flight this St. Patty’s Day. Let yourself take risks and luck will come your way!

Taurus (Apr.20-May.20): Enjoy the St. Patty’s Day holiday with your child-like energy. This time of celebration is made for you. Go to a pub or parade and dance to the music.

Gemini (May.21-June.20): Be careful in your social circle this month. You tend to have a mischievous way about you and this time, it could turn out for the worst. Be cautious and do not try too hard to have some fun.

Cancer (June.21-July.22): Do what you love best this St. Patty’s Day and spend some quality time with those friends you haven’t seen in a while. Time with those you cherish is a great way to brighten your spirits.

Leo (July.23-Aug.22): Your love life will take flight this season. No more spending time looking for four-leaf clovers because that lucky someone is coming your way!

Virgo (Aug.23-Sept.22): After a long wait, luck in your financial life could be coming to you. It is finally your turn to receive that pot at the end of the rainbow.

Libra (Sept.23-Oct.22): Stop trying to make rash decisions and patch things up in your love life. Bring your special someone a Shamrock shake and let them know how much they mean to you. You will not regret it.

Scorpio (Oct.23-Nov.21): Don’t forget to show others how bold and brilliant you are. Try out that new outfit or makeup you having been dying to wear. People will love your brave style.