March date ideas for the planner boyfriend


Outdoorsy girls will probably enjoy a simple, romantic picnic.

Ginny Hardin, Staff Reporter

Some girls hold guys up to a high standard to plan the perfect date. The stereotype is dinner and a movie, which for most people is exactly what they want; however, there are a few outliers that prefer less traditional dates.
If your girlfriend wants to go to dinner and a movie, then take her. This date requires good timing, though. Restaurants and theaters could both be packed, so if you plan to avoid waiting times this might be a bad choice.
For the people who want to avoid crowds, plan a nice night in. Pick out some of your favorite movies and food. Prepare a meal if you know how to cook. If you don’t want to or can’t cook, order take out.
Weather permitting, plan a nice picnic. This is perfect for a simple girl who loves nature. If you plan the perfect spot with her favorite foods, your date will be a success.
For creative girls, have an artsy date. You can find plenty of ideas on the internet. Some examples include going to the park and painting the landscape, painting portraits of each other or going to the Pottery Place.
Plan a day of competitions for your athletic or competitive girlfriend. You could play board games, cards or compete to get the most tickets at an arcade. You could play one on one games of basketball, kickball, volleyball and any other game that can be played by two players.