Tips to creating the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit



Keeping it simple and understated may just be the key to the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Elisabet Gudjonsdottir, Staff Reporter

Finding a good outfit for Saint Patrick’s Day can be a huge hassle. With all of the different greens and tacky outfits you can easily look quite stupid on this Irish Holiday. Here are some good tips to go by when finding a fashionable outfit to prevent getting pinched.
First things first, keep it simple. Many make the mistake of going all out, which can be fun and festive, but not very fashionable. Choose one or two articles of clothing that are green so you don’t blind people with your annoying festiveness.
Make sure if you wear more than one green item that they are the same shade of green.  Being the same shade is absolutely crucial to this Holiday if you don’t want to embarrass yourself.
Don’t go all out on accessories. Nothing is more humiliating than a 100 green necklaces on someone’s neck. Instead, just wear one accessories that compliments your cute outfit. Less is definitely more when it comes to accessorizing.