Vinny Pazienza: an American boxing legend


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This American boxing legend has an inspirational and impressive story.

Samuel Rutherford, Staff Reporter

Vinny Pazienza is an American boxer that was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island. Pazienza has won five world titles at three different weight classes, and he is noted for breaking his neck in a car accident, and five days later, starting to train, as he did before the accident.
Vinny Pazienza has fought some of the toughest fighters that have ever boxed, such as Roberto Duran, and Robert Mayweather, and he has an amazing story behind both his career and life.
Vinny Paz’s first fight was in 1983, at the super lightweight division and with his first match it was a win by technical knockout (TKO). This was just the beginning of Vinny’s success in his boxing career. After his first match, he went undefeated for 13 more fights, until he faced Abdelkader Marbi, who won by a TKO in the fifth round of the fight.
When he was beat he lost his motivation to be what he once was so he took six months to train. In those six months, he moved up to a new weight class junior lightweight. He won a title in this weight class, in three fights, but then lost it to Roger Mayweather the father of Floyd “Money” Mayweather. After the Mayweather fight Vinny was training viscously to get better and better each day.
One morning, after his run, Vinny was on his way home with a friend, and he was in a very brutal car accident. Vinny’s neck was broken, and sitting one and a half inches away from his spinal cord; any closer and it would have paralyzed him. Vinny was put in a halo, yet this did not stop him from training. Five days after being put in the halo he was training; his performance was nothing spectacular, but with a broken neck, that is very risky and impressive.
Vinny Pazienza was truly one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring. He was like a piece of art work when he fought; he was so graceful with his punches and the way he danced to avoid his opponents.
There is truly no one else like the champ Vinny the “pazmanian devil”.