April Teacher of the Issue: Scott White


Alec Bentley

Scott White is a teacher that many students rave about.

Bethany Tomblin, Editor-in-Chief in training

Midland has a variety of teachers, and the staff grows each year with more brilliant and educated people. The Medieval Times has recognized the impact that World History and AP Psychology teacher Scott White has had on the student body, so we proudly name him the Teacher of the Issue.
White graduated from Marshall University with degrees in social studies education, mental impairment and learning disabilities and behavior disorders. According to White, he has known that he wanted to go into since high school and that is to be a history teacher
White has changed and adapted to the different learning styles of his students throughout his years of teaching.
“I think that students have learned to be flexible and adapt to the teacher,” said White. “I have become more willing to be understanding and flexible compared to when I first started to teach.”
Upon interview, White explains how mesmerizing it is to see his students use what they learn in school in their daily life, and he says that is the greatest part about being a teacher.
“I actually see students say ‘oh yeah, that’s why that happens,’ and they tell me all the time that they can pinpoint things outside of class and put an explanation on it,” said White.
White said ecstatically that the piece of advice he would give to the student body is to put your trust in something everlasting.
“Keep it fresh,” said White. “Put your trust in things that are not of this world, because you’re not going to be a part of this world forever.”
One of the most inspiring things about White is that he is blessed with a wife greater than he could have ever asked for.
“I have a wife who I never would have dreamed that I could get,” said White. “I do not deserve her. She’s incredible, and she continues to be forgiving and flexible and tolerates all my little eccentricities. If you think about it, who is the first person you want to share something exciting with? That’s who you need to marry, the person that completes you.”