April Athlete of the Issue: Drew Keeton


Drew Keeton

This Midland athlete has participated in track, basketball and football.

Hannah Black , Staff Reporter

Drew Keeton is a senior here at Cabell Midland High School. He has run track all four years of his high school career and he has also participated in varsity basketball.
Keeton runs the 100 and 200 meter. He is very proud of his achievement of placing in the state competition last year. Also, he placed second in the Marshall long jump.
“I don’t really like to run, which is why I run the shorter distances,” said Keeton, ”although it has kept me in shape.”
Drew has played basketball throughout high school and also participated in a championship winning Buddy League Basketball team, as well as an Amateur Athletic Union Basketball team.
Outside of school, Keeton enjoys spending time with his siblings and hanging with his friends. He likes to play sports outside and enjoy the good weather.
“My older brothers are hard-working, so they inspire me a lot and I look up to them,” said Keeton. “Also, my dad has always come to my games and supported me. He is a big influence on my life.”
Keeton plans to work hard during track season in hopes of improving his impressive times and winning states.
During the fall, Keeton participated on the varsity football team as a corner back. He hopes to go to Fairmont University and play football. Fairmont is about three hours away from his home.
Keeton says he will miss all his friends and coaches when he leaves.
“I am a superstar,” Keeton said. He has excelled in all sports he has participated in, as well as in classes, while being an honors student.
“I’ve learned a lot from all of them and I don’t want to leave,” Keeton said.
Keeton is a well-loved senior here, and he will be missed.