Top 10 April’s Fools pranks to try out


This prank is sure to fool someone.

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

1. Hide a toy snake or spider somewhere in the house like a bed, shower or cabinet. This is guaranteed to make a family member squeal.
2. Sabotage a box of donuts by squirting ketchup inside them in place of jelly. Deliver these nasty pastries to your office/work, and wait for your co-workers’ reactions
3. Fill your teacher’s classroom with solo cups completely full of water; this way they have to spend time dumping out each cup to clear the mess.
4. Pull a zip-tie around a Febreze spray bottle, and toss it into a classroom. Make sure you book it out of there as fast as possible.
5. Replace the crème in Oreos with toothpaste and serve them to your friends. This will give them a minty surprise.
6. Cover your pal’s car in sticky notes, then sit back and watch them peel away in anger.
7. Fill a jar of mayonnaise with vanilla pudding. Pull it out at lunch, start eating straight from the jar and watch people stare in disbelief.
8. Hide in a human sized box, sit in a supply closet and wait for your first victim of surprise.
9. Cover your co-worker’s mouse sensor with paper and some tape, and enjoy their continuous frustration.
10. Place a sign on the back of your parent’s car saying, “Honk, Wave and yell ‘Hi (place name here)’!” without them knowing. They will receive so many unexpected greetings.