Six Disney love songs that represent the types of prom couples


Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” shows that you can find love in unexpected ways.

Jesten Richardson, Editor-in-Chief

Many of us remember watching the Disney movies and singing along enthusiastically with the songs, and some of us still do. Here’s six Disney love songs, that describe prom couples, to get you into the prom spirit.
1. “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”- “Hercules”
This song is for those longtime friends who never wanted to admit that they had a connection. Now that prom season has rolled around, one of them finally got the nerve to ask the other, and they are going together, but “just as friends”.
2. “So this is Love”- “Cinderella”
This song is for those dates experiencing first love, who still have the passion and excitement of it in their systems. It’s a love as sweet as the song.
3. “A Whole New World”- “Aladdin”
This song is for those people who just got out of a really bad relationship, but decided to try again together. It may just bring more than either of them would expect.
4. “Something There”- “Beauty and the Beast”
This song is for those people who were reluctant to agree to that set-up date or surprising suitor. If they give it a chance, then they might just find the happiness that they were searching for, in the end.
5. “One Song”- “Snow White”
This song is for that couple that will probably go on to get married when they leave high school. You can see the love and devotion in their eyes, and it is almost too romantic for the people around them.
6. “You Got a Friend in Me”- “Toy Story”
This song is for that duo or group of single friends. Though this is a purely platonic kind of love, these dates are not afraid to have a good time and support each other through their mutual singleness.