Cabell Midland students make long-distance relationships work


Tommi Lunsford and Dylan Carter

Junior Tommi Lunsford and alumni Dylan Carter

Morgan Browning, Staff Reporter

High school allows you to meet new people, gain new opportunities, make plans for the future and achieve more than you ever have before. Those four years can be a special time, for some people, because they end up meeting someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. A recent study done by Harris Interactive shows that 14 percent of couples meet in high school. According to Stage of Life, however, 66 percent of high school relationships end in heartbreak. One of the many reasons for the end of a relationship is graduation. After graduation, options are not as limited and many seniors leave the state to further their education. With this being said, the girlfriend/boyfriend back at home has to either move on, or power through. It takes a lot of patience and strength to keep a long-distance relationship healthy, but we know a few people at Cabell Midland who are doing just that.
Senior Katie Riedel is dating former Cabell Midland baseball player, Chase McKinney, who is now a baseball player at the University of Pikeville. Although the distance isn’t fun, their relationship is still going strong. Riedel even surprised McKinney, showing her support by unexpectedly attending one of his games.
Riedel is not the only one showing support. Midland softball player Ginny Hardin is dating her number one fan, as well. As a former Midland football player, Devin Stapleton now attends West Virginia State University. He comes in often for Hardin’s games and to see the Midland football team. He graduated in 2016, but has not stopped playing football. Hardin makes sure to return the favor, showing her support for her favorite football player, as well.
Sophomore Hannah Rose been dating her college boyfriend, Wallace Cruel III, since he was in high school in South Carolina. Now, three years later, he’s a little closer to Rose as he attends the University of Charleston. Every weekend Cruel travels 45 minutes to stay with his girlfriend and catch up from the week they just had apart. They already have big plans for their future and they aren’t going to let the distance ruin any of them.
Speaking of distance, former Midland track star, Michael Ashworth has been dating his girlfriend, junior Ripley Haney for over a year now. After graduating in 2015, Ashworth joined the Marshall Bass Fishing Program at Marshall University. Although Marshall University isn’t far from Haney, college courses and activities still interfere with Ashworth’s times with her. However, any free time they have is filled with going on adventures, making their relationship even cuter.
Last year’s graduate, Dylan Carter, has been with junior Tommi Lunsford for over a year now. After playing on the Midland baseball team, Carter now spends most of his time fishing or with his girlfriend. Lunsford and Carter sometimes even fish together, seeing who can catch the bigger fish. Carter also comes to Lunsford’s volleyball games as her number one fan. After several concerts, road trips, holidays and adventures together the couple still melts everyone’s hearts with their adorable relationship.