New class shield is added to Midland’s collection

Jesten Richardson, Editor-in-Chief


Tuesday, April 11, during Cabell Midland’s much anticipated Senior Color Day, the seniors witnessed the unveiling of the 2017 class shield.
This shield, which is the twenty-third to be revealed since Cabell Midland’s 1994 establishment, was designed by seniors Sophia Antan and Larissa Noel and crafted by Antan and Noel, with the assistance of art teacher Sassa Wilkes and fellow AP Studio Art students and seniors Jared Short, Natalie Chapman, Bree Black, Sabrina Chapman, Nik Ferrel, Kirsten White and Joey Cutler.
The shield’s design, which impressed many students, features a sword entwined with red roses and gives the appearance of a stained glass window.
According to Antan and Noel, the shield’s final design was based on a compilation of their ideas.
“I had the idea of using a Beauty and the Beast design,” said Antan. “Originally, there was a single rose and a beast, but we ended up incorporating the sword and multiple roses from Larissa’s design. We also changed colors around so that the design would match the senior colors.”
Though the shield’s design did seem to take influence from the newest live-action Disney movie, the movie was not purely responsible for it.
“We wanted to represent our class and the beauty of the school and the castles that had these stained glass windows,” said Noel. “We drew inspiration from the rose being the senior flower and the senior colors being scarlet red and royal blue.”
Though the finished product is the part of the shield that most people see and appreciate, the behind-the-scenes work of the AP Art Studio students and Wilkes also merits recognition.
“It took a couple of weeks to design,” said Wilkes. “The AP Art (Studio) students submitted designs, and the students chose. The shield took about three to four days to make. We get a purchase order from the school every year, to pay for it, so afterwards, I went to Lowes and then cut the base out at my house.”
After the base was finished, the students had to work on the inside of the shield, and according to Celdran, the process consisted of welding metal, shaping Plexiglas and using special paint to get the stained glass effect.
Though the shield was a large project, through teamwork and determination, the team was able to complete it in time for the unveiling ceremony, following the senior breakfast.
“The students were able to work incredibly well together,” said Wilkes. “There was no debate or fuss, which is unusual. They all worked together and supported each other.”
Thanks to all their hard work, Midland has a beautiful shield to add to the growing collection, and the seniors have a symbol to commemorate the end of their high school journey and the influence that they have had on the school they call their alma mater.