How to find the perfect homecoming/prom flowers


Corsages, along with bouquets and boutineers, can add to your look and the fun of homecoming/prom night.

Hannah Black, Staff Reporter

Though Prom 2K17 has already passed, more dances will be on the way, before you know it, so here is a guide to an essential asset to a successful prom: your flowers. Whether you are buying them for yourself or your date, here is a guide to picking out the best flowers, according to your outfit and style.
You want to visit your local flower shop, or you may prefer to do your own.
The best flower shops in the Ona, West Virginia area are Designs by DJ, Spurlock’s Flowers and Greenhouses and Archer’s Flowers, but you can even visit your local Kroger’s.
Any flower shop will also sell you single flowers so you can perfectly customize your bouquet to your liking.
You first need to decide whether you want a corsage or bouquet. The bouquet will more than likely, be easier for you to create if you are making it for yourself. Also, the pricing of your flowers will most likely be cheaper if you create them yourself. A normal bouquet can cost between $25-60.
Next, decide what colors of flowers you want to accent your dress or suit. If your dress is plain or only one color, you may want to have an accent color that stands out. A bouquet will accessorize your simplicity well.
Try to keep from having the colors of your flowers blend with the colors of your dress or suit. For example, if your dress/suit is various colors of blue, you may want to choose a fun accent color such as pink or yellow. Too much of the same color will clash and your flowers will not be noticeable.
If you are not an expert on flowers, do not worry, an expert florist can help you choose the perfect flowers that can follow your price budget.
A common flower included in prom bouquets are roses. Roses are classic and can come in many colors, but they also can get pricey. Other good choices are Orchids, Peonies, Tulips, Buttercups, and Sunflowers. Tulips are a great spring flower to complete any simple pastel look.
The male date usually wears a boutonniere to match the corsage or bouquet. Traditionally, the male picks up and pays for the flowers on the morning of prom. The easiest way to match these is to go to the florist together, and even brings pictures so your florist can have a perfect idea of what you want. The florist will be happy to work with you because they understand how important your prom is to you.
You should go to the florist about one to two weeks before prom so that they have enough time to make sure they have your flowers ordered. When you arrive at the florist, be sure to know exactly what you want. They may ask you what color jewelry you plan to wear and what your budget is. If you are worried about your budget, be sure to consult your date.
Prom flowers may seem stressful, but your florist is there to help you and give you advice on what they think is best. Your prom is supposed to be enjoyable and is an important night in your life, so use these tips, and you may just avoid some of the stress.