“Brooklyn” movie review



This movie captures the emotions of beginning a new adventure.

Jesten Richardson, Editor-in-Chief

With graduation just around the bend, my fellow seniors and I are on the brink of the real world, with all its terrors, surprises and promise. I had the mixed emotions and uncertain futures of the members of the senior class in mind when I decided to review “Brooklyn”, a PG-13* rated film, which expresses this point in our lives perfectly. Here’s a synopsis:
Eilis, the main character of “Brooklyn” is about to embark on a new adventure. Though she loves her overbearing mother and bright, loving sister, Rose, she is confined to a monotonous routine that gives her little chance to grow or hone her bookkeeping talents. When, Rose offers her a chance to leave ailing Ireland and travel to the exciting and opportunity-filled American stronghold New York City, Eilis agrees to take the generous offer and make a new life in America. Though homesickness and the trials of immigration deeply affect Eilis, at first, she begins to get more and more comfortable in New York City, and even meets a thoughtful, charming man who understands what she is going through, as the child of Italian immigrants himself. As Eilis and the man, Tony, fall deeper in love and Elis gets closer to finishing up her schooling for bookkeeping, family circumstances pull her back to Ireland and the life that she left behind. Eilis is faced with a tough choice upon her return home, as she reunites with friends and family, gets offered the job she always dreamed of and meets a sweet, steady Irishman named Jim, all of which make her question if America is where she truly belongs. As Tony and her life in America grow increasingly distant, Eilis is forced to decide whether she wants to hold onto a safe, familiar past or embrace a promising new future.
This movie is probably one of my favorites, because there is really so much to love about it. The costumes are beautiful and fit so well with the 1950s setting. The colors are vibrant. The camera work is stunning. The performances of the actors are wrought with so much emotion and reality that the story seems like it could not be anything but true. The casting of the movie is smart and effective, with such fine actresses and actors as Irish-American actress Saorise Ronan (known for her roles as Susie Salmon in “The Lovely Bones” and Melanie Stryder/Wanda in “The Host”), American actor Emory Cohen (known for his roles as Leo Houston in the TV series “Smash” and Homer Roberts in the Netflix Original Series “The OA”) and Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson (known for his roles as Bill Weasley in the “Harry Potter” franchise and General Hux in the “Star Wars” series). I cannot recommend this movie highly enough, with its mix of relatability, drama and romance, and I think that watching it would definitely be a good use of your time. Even if those days of new adventures are far past or far in the future, I think that anyone can find something to relate to in this charming film.
*A parents’ guide, quotes, trivia and other facts about the movie can be found at imdb.com.