Ringing in the new school year

The new school year leaves students excited.


The new school year leaves students excited.

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

     With the start of a new school year comes new and exciting changes, events, and challenges for both students and staff of Cabell Midland.

     School counselor Christy Hendricks is most excited for the new challenges she will be taking up this year in her career.

            “Professionally, I’m looking forward to taking on scholarships and FAFSA. It’s a new challenge. I’m looking forward to my job,” said Hendricks. Hendricks is also looking forward to supporting her students in sports, school dances, and senior graduation

     “Particularly, I love going to football games, but I love going to all games. I love supporting my students. I look forward to graduation but I’m also sad because I miss my seniors,” said Hendricks. Many students, such as senior Alexis Carter, are looking forward to other events this year such as the end of the school year and graduation.

            “I’m looking forward to the end of the school year because then I’ll finally be done with school,” said Carter. Carter is also looking forward to the Thanksgiving break at the end of the semester.

     “I’m excited about Thanksgiving break because it’s always nice to have a break in the middle of the school year,” said Carter.

     As for what advice they want to give to the students to help them through the school year, Hendricks stressed that she wants students to get involved at school.

     “Get involved. Get involved in something. The school is so big but you have to find your own little niche. Just get involved in something,” said Hendricks.

     Carter stresses for students to remain calm and just try their best to get what they need to done.

            “Don’t freak out. Do what you have to just to get it done,” said Carter.