Student Advice


Luke Rappold

The pool hall, where all new students cling.

Bailey Arkell, Staff Reporter

Freshmen and new students here at the Castle are often overwhelmed with the start of each school year. To act as a helping guide, students and teachers offer valuable advice on how to survive the monstrosity that is Cabell Midland High School.
Laura Dille, a Freshman teacher at the castle, said that most students have common problems with schoolwork.
“Some student don’t take their school work seriously and become unable to catch up,” said Dille. “Not trying their best can be hazardous to student’s grades.”
Dille thinks that it is important to follow your own advice and to get plenty of sleep.
“The best way to give advice is by your actions,” said Dille.  “I’ve had to deal with students who don’t get enough sleep and it hurts the students academically, mentally, and physically,” said Dille.
Jason Morrison, a pshychology and civics teacher, said that education should be valued more here at Midland.
“Take ownership of your education and make it a priority,” said Morrison.  “Make sure to see your teacher when there are issues.
Morrison also believes that growth requires help from others.
“There is always room for improvement. Listen to someone who has been there before,” said Morrison. “Give advice respectfully and with the intent of helping those you are advising.”
Morrison thinks that people can have extremely different views.
“It is good to reflect on a multitude of perspectives,” said Morrison.
Junior student, Joshua Dauber said age can affect the acceptance of advice.
“When you get older, you are more willing to accept advice since you have acknowledged that you don’t know everything,” said Dauber.
Dauber implied that fear can capture potential as well as growth.
“Don’t be afraid to take classes that challenge you,” said Dauber. “Actually take the advice and make a plan to accomplish the goal.”