Freshman and senior expectations

Faith Caudill, Staff Reporter

Freshmen and seniors are looking forward to the new school year as many consider it a fresh start. Expectations are both high and low, but getting through this long and eventful year will be an unforgettable journey.
“I’ve had a good high school experience,” said senior Haydn Bowen. “I became a better person and realized some things aren’t as important as I thought they were when I was a freshman.”
As a freshman, you have four seemingly long years ahead of you, even though the seniors know that’s not true at all.
“I wish I would have been more involved throughout my years here,” said senior Gracie Martin.  “I wish I would’ve went to all of the football games and dressed up every day during spirit week. This year, I’m going all out.”
As a senior, not many of us realize that we are the oldest kids in the school and that comes with responsibilities, such as underclassmen looking up to you.
“It’s cool to know that people look up to the person I am,” said senior Jase Raynes. “I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today and knowing that someone looks up to me makes it all worth it.”
Having someone look up to you is a great feeling; it gives you this sense of accomplishment. However, as you get older and become more experienced with life, you are aware that not everything is as great as it seems, and you have to expect to make some mistakes.
“It’s terrifying to know that someone is looking up to me,” said school counselor Amy Cobb. “I’m a normal person and I make mistakes just like everyone else, and I don’t want to let anybody down.”
The years between freshman and senior year are going to be the most memorable years of your life, so don’t spend the years worrying about what people think of you.  Go to games, get involved, and enjoy the atmosphere because the years are only temporary.
“These are the years you will want to go back to someday, so make them out for what they’re worth.” said senior Martin.