Bethany Tomblin, Editor-In-Chief

The question most Americans are asking: Is equality really offered to all? According to the way President Trump is acting and even the American people, the answer leads us to no.
Protests are being held all over the United States because people feel as if they’re not being given the rights that they believe they deserve.
Iowa led a rally on Aug. 17 to protest against the racism and hate that has occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. They vowed to come together to stop the injustice that is occurring throughout America.
Stand Against Hate, a rally for the victims of Charlottesville, occurred on Aug. 20 in New Jersey. They spoke to spread love rather than hate and to welcome all to America.
Discrimination is real and people want fairness, not just financial equality.
We are all aware that Trump recently banned transgender individuals from fighting for our country. Americans are now struggling with the ‘morally’ right or wrong response for these actions.
If you look at Trump’s ban in the context that the President is taking away from our military, then you can see the wrongness in this decision.
Americans have taken the use of freedom and misused it to the point that people do not feel they’re equal nor wanted in our country.
Equality doesn’t have boundaries. If America is free, then they are free indeed, but the right to have equality coincides with freedom.
Millions are hoping through protests that they will be heard and action will be taken.