August Horoscopes

Alyson Smith and Channing Varnum

Jan 20th-Feb 18th
Be careful this month as the start of school hits full throttle. You tend to let yourself procrastinate in the worst times. Make sure you keep your mind on track.

Feb 19th-Mar 20th
Do not let the beginning of the school year mess with your dreamlike mentality. When hit with reality, try not to retreat and shy away.

Nov 22nd-Dec 21st
Keep up your positive mindset even when school dampens your spirit. You are the ray of light in everyone’s day.

Dec 22nd-Jan 19th
Try not to become selfish on your journey to succeed. Being a perfectionist should not always be a top priority.

Oct 24th-Nov 22nd
You are confident and people love your zest for life. Keep it up! Do not doubt yourself.

Apr 21st-May 21st
Be patient and good things will come your way this month. Do not let your stubborn ways make you get into trouble. Patience is a virtue.

June 22nd-July 22nd
Use your sympathetic personality to help out someone in need this month. You will have great things occur in return of your kind gesture.

July 23rd-August 21st
Use your creative mind to benefit you in a group collaboration this month. Just beware of your bossy tendencies and do not let it mess up your work.

Aug 22nd-Sept 23rd
Let go of your shy personality and try to focus on becoming more outgoing. Many opportunities await you but you must leave your comfort zone to fulfill them.

Sept 24th-Oct 23rd
Everyone knows you as the romantic and charming individual of the bunch. Use this to your benefit and charm the person you have been too afraid to approach. Your flirty side will lead you to success.

May 22nd-June 21st
You often let your nervous and tense personality keep you from achieving your goals. Break free and cast your worries away so that you can finally find the success you have been looking for.

Mar 21st-April 20th
Patience has always been difficult for you to achieve but believe in the fact that the best is yet to come. Being impulsive this month could hurt you.