Laws and Morals

Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Certain people may argue that breast feeding is not something to be done in public, while others support it, it has to do with their morals. Child labor endorsed foods and products aren’t illegal of purchase in the United States, but should it be?
Some consumers believe that animal testing is not necessary.
“No, if you really needed to test a product, there are people who may be willing to volunteer rather than forcing an animal,” said senior Makiah McCoy. “Another option is making it a requirement or an option for prisoners who are on death row.”
Even though consumers have harsh feelings towards animal testing, they support beauty pageants for the children.
“The beauty pageants for children are fine, as long as they weren’t only measuring looks and physical appearances,” said McCoy. “I feel that there are young girls who enjoy doing beauty pageants, so they should have the option open for them as long as it is not forced.”
There are different opinions on every question that a person is asked, even if they support children participating in beauty pageants they may not feel the same when it comes down to a child working.
“Ethnically, no, but most of our products in America are child labor endorsed, and we need the products,” said McCoy. “Our country does not want to put in effort of looking into whether our products are and are not child labor endorsed.”
Not much research id one into where we get our products come from. When it comes down to beliefs like whether women should breastfeed in public or not, no research is needed.
“It is not public nudity, and a child should not have to go through hunger due to another person being offended by it. The woman’s chest was made to feed a child after birth with milk,” said McCoy. “It is much cheaper for the mother, and much healthier for the baby to nurse.”