Science Club


Bailey Arkell

Science, something we see everywhere.

Bailey Arkell, Staff Reporter

In these times of change and evolution, Cabell Midland produces new, improved clubs. Teachers create fresh clubs that require innovation, dedication, and inspiration. The recently created science club takes these requirements and applies it to the world of technology.
Stephanie Khoo, biology and human anatomy teacher, said that science club will be participating in Science Olympia.
“It would mostly focus on Science Olympia. Our goal is to compete at two of the twenty-three events,” said Khoo. “One of the events we will be attending is going to be at Marshall University’s recreational center.”
Khoo noticed that there was not a science club at Cabell Midland.
“I noticed that we didn’t have a science club for the past couple years that I’ve taught here. When I was in high school, we had a science club and it was so much fun. We took trips. We went to Green Bank, West Virginia one weekend to learn about the telescopes and how they operate. It was an amazing experience,” said Khoo.
Khoo believes that science is critical to society.
“For there to be technology, we need science. For there to be societal advances, we need science,” said Khoo. “If you don’t nurture that knowledge, you aren’t going to be able to analyze situations. It is an important general skill.”
Khoo also believes that students will be more likely to accel in their future careers if they understand the basic forms of the different sciences.
“You learn science not for the content, but because you need to know how to apply what you learn to what field you plan to go into soon,” said Khoo.
Khoo thinks students should be eager for this beneficial opportunity that is her club.
“It’s cool. From a student’s perspective, it looks good on college applications,” said Khoo. “It could allow you to study material that you haven’t been able to learn before. This club will allow you to show off what you know instead of wasting valuable knowledge from the past.”