Volleyball fights for wins


Faith Caudill, Staff Reporter

The Cabell Midland volleyball team foresees across many obstacles throughout the year, but the weeks of practice and hard work is going to pay off on the court all throughout the this season. They plan on growing together and being able to take down any challenge that comes their way.
“Volleyball is something that I look forward to everyday, even though the practices are hard,” said freshman Madison Riggio. “We put in a lot of work, and somehow we manage to make the best of it.”
Communication is key, every single play, no matter what pushes their teammates to do the best of their ability. Volleyball is a team sport and relies on the entire team for a win.
“Wherever you are on the court, there will be some action coming your way,” said, Riggio. “I get the most action being an outside hitter, that’s where I’m best.”
The volleyball team does not see much action in the bleachers, even though the games have you on the edge of your seat.
“We give 100 percent during every game. I wish people would come and see us do what we do best.” said senior Tommi Lunsford. “ If we looked up in the stands and saw a handful of our classmates going all out like they do for the football team this year I guarantee that we would play the best we’ve ever played, hands down.”
There are high expectations for our lady knights this year and they’re confident they can live up to those standards. With only two seniors, Tommi Lunsford and Bryton Leadman, both are ready to lead their teammates through a successful season.
“Please come out and support the team” said Lunsford “just because we have pretty faces doesn’t mean we aren’t as rowdy as the boys.”