The New School Year Arises


Hannah Tomes, Staff Reporter

With the arrival of the new school year, some teachers and students at Cabell Midland High
School shared their thoughts, expectations, and opinions on Tuesday.
Ninth grade algebra teacher, Jamilee Keaton, is excited for the new year.
“I feel good and excited for the new year.” said Keaton. “Starting a new year is enjoyable, but
there’s definitely nothing easy about it. My favorite part is getting a fresh start.”
Keaton mentioned what she would like to accomplish this year, and what she is doing
“I want them to remember how to solve and graph equations, as well as learning to use
mistakes and failures to drive them to success,” said Keaton, “by the end of the year, I want
every student to be proficient in Algebra 1.”
An important part of starting a new school year is being organized and having a plan, as well as
developing good study and work habits. Being prepared and working hard can make a big
difference for students who want to have a good year.
She had some interesting things to say about what advice she would like to give the new
freshmen, as well as some things that they should keep in mind throughout the year in order to
be good students and have fun at the same time.
“Take school seriously, get involved in different activities, have high expectations, and set lots of
goals.” said Keaton.
A lot of freshmen can be nervous entering a new school with different routines than they’re used
to, so it’s good for them to have some words of wisdom to help them out.
There are many important factors needed to be successful in high school, and knowing what to
expect helps a lot.
“I have high hopes and I’m looking forward to what the new year brings.” said Keaton.