Classic Tv Shows

Bailey Arkell, Staff Reporter

TV shows change as each decade passes. Over time, TV shows possess different themes, values, and language. Some are better than others, but some are known to society as true classics.
Two junior students, Jaden Forbush and Cassidy Ward agree that the 90’s produced the best TV shows.
“The 90’s were the best,” said Ward and Forbush. “Full House, Friends and Sister, Sister were always our favorites growing up.”
Ward believes that Full House represents something bigger in life than the show itself.
“Jesse represents being comfortable in his own skin and that is something that all teenagers struggle with today,” said Ward.
Ward believes that the 90’s produced more creative and appropriate shows for younger audiences.
“The 90’s had more original shows that were designed with a more family friendly vibe,” said Ward. “Sitcoms and comedies were the most well-known genre during the 90’s.”
Ward thinks that 90’s TV shows allows students to consider the lives of students that lived in the past.
“The shows reveal a different perspective on the lives of those in the 90’s, in which most of were not alive or old enough to remember,” said Ward.
Forbush enjoys these shows because of their humor and valuable lessons.
“I watch these shows because they make me laugh and get emotional at times, yet they teach powerful messages,” said Forbush. “Full House sends a strong message about overcoming obstacles that at one point you thought impossible.”
Forbush thinks that she can relate to Full House.
“Growing up, I went through a time in my life where I was raised by a single parent. Danny, in Full House, is a single parent who struggled with working and caring for his children by himself, so you could say that I can relate. That is probably why I enjoyed the show so much,” said Forbush.