Top 10 ways to be organized for school


Example of organization for the school year.

Alyson Smith and Channing Varnum

1.Invest in a Planner:
Planners can be found at your local Walmart for as cheap as five dollars. They are a great way to lay out your tasks for the week to make sure nothing goes forgotten. This way you will know just how much time you have to accomplish things.
2. Label All of Your Materials:
By adding labels to all of your folders, binders and dividers, you can easily identify your mess of materials. This way nothing gets misplaced and you can find what you need efficiently.
3. Keep Your Workspace Tidy:
If your area is kept neat, you can find what you need quicker and save time.
4. Accomplish Tasks the Night Before:
If you lay out your outfit, gather your papers and partially prepare your breakfast the night before then your morning will go smoothly. This will leave you with time to spare.
5.  Do Not Procrastinate:
Do not let yourself cram the night before. Plan ahead and make a studying schedule to keep you from stressing.
6.  Write Everything Down:
Do not rely on your memory to remember things.  This is how tasks can get forgotten. Keep a place where all of your important assignments written down in one area.
7. Find a Buddy:
Having a friend that you can rely on to keep you focused can be great. Make a deal with someone to keep each other on task and text each other reminders throughout the day.
8. Utilize Wasted Time:
Use those insignificant moments like commercial breaks while watching your favorite show. Getting even the smallest thing done for a few minutes can help you keep wasted time under control.
9. Sticky Notes!
Placing post-its everywhere is a perfect way to have little reminders all around you. You can even place a sticky note on your mirror so you know you will not forget to see it in the mornings.
10. Do Not Be Afraid to Say No:
Over committing yourself is the perfect way to be overwhelmed with stress. Do not over book your time to everyone around and always leave time for yourself.