Anderson Football Game


Alexis Hutchinson

Student section cheering on their team.

Faith Caudill, Staff Reporter

The first football game comes with various expectations, including the boys taking home a win. All week it was the main topic of discussion, from how big and fast the Anderson quarter back is to what the student section theme.
“It was terrifying being on the field, to look up and see all of the eyes on us,” said freshman Isaiah Vaughn. “I’ve been looking forward to being on that field for as long as I can remember; it was everything I expected it to be and more.”
Even though it was new to all the freshmen, some of the seniors faced reality that this will be their last, first game. The years have consisted of disappointment, and exhausting nights last Friday being one of them; it was a game they will all carry with them.
“Through the years we have put in so many hours of hard work and dedication to get to where we are now,” said senior Jordan King. “It’s as if it is our team and we are responsible for our teammates. It makes you realize that someone has an eye on everything you do, so you have to remember that and set a good role for the younger kids.”
Cabell Midland plays every Friday, so it’s crucial to not let the previous game affect the next. Though not every week will be a tough game, it’s important to play as is it is.
“The goal for this Friday is to not let the Anderson game affect how our season works out, we plan on getting back to our basics and playing the game that we know,” said senior Jovaun Light. “This week during practice, I think we will focus on attention to detail and on the goal that we’ve had all year, States.”