Midland soccer opener


Junior Brennon Shope receives a ball.

Brennon Shope, News reporter

At the beginning of this month the Cabell Midland High School Boys’ Soccer team had its season opener. The game was a hard won battle to take the win from the St. Joe Irish.

Senior, Hogan Carter for the Knights Soccer team said, “We won, that’s all that matters”

Contrary to this statement, Evan Ferguson, a junior at Cabell Midland said,” We played as a team. We really have worked hard for this and we earned it.”

Carter, of Cabell Midland, had a hat trick, which is three goals in a single game, to push the Knights to a 3-2 victory. “I played the best game of my life,” said Carter.

The team believes that this is a huge improvement over their performance from the previous seasons.

When asked what the difference between this was and the previous year Ferguson said,” We have a new head coach and he has us in a new scheme, we now focus more on moving the ball and finishing.”

Brian Mcneel, the new head coach for the team, was unable to be reached for comment. However, when asked about the state of affairs Ferguson said, “It’s a good change, he is a good communicator and is always open for advice. That is needed to be a good coach.”

Going forward on the season, the knights will have a tough schedule to make it to the state tournament. Playing tough teams such as their rivals, the Huntington Highlanders, or Hurricane, who they hold a special grudge towards for knocking them out of sectionals last season. The Knights are enthusiastic about their chances against said teams, but feel they have a long way to go before they will be ready for a sectional win.