Why teachers teach


Alec Bentley

English teacher Shelly Brooks brings passion to her class and teaching.

Brennon Shope, Sports Editor

Teaching children is a hard and demanding career choice. For some teachers however, it’s a no brainer. These teachers like Michelle Brooks, love their career and the topics they teach.

“I loved my content as a student, and I wanted to stay involved in the subject”, said Brooks.

Other teachers, like Lindsay Foster, feel like they needed to stay on a school schedule to stay organized in life.

“I loved school, and I’m an organized person” says Foster.

The returning teachers at Cabell Midland High, are undeniably dedicated to their work. Still, most find enjoyment out of the profession. Cabell Midland physical education teacher Stacy Giordano, says “My favorite part of being a teacher are the summers off”.

It should be noted that ‘Stacy G’, as she is colloquially known, is well loved by students and teachers alike for the time she spends here while not on summer break. Not all teachers share the same ‘love for summer’ that Giordano feels.

“The best part of teaching is talking about books, and building relationships with my students”, said Brooks

Brooks also is the head coach of the CMHS women’s volleyball team, an organization with much success in previous seasons. She also takes part in the Leadership Council of the school.

It is known that not every year is the same in teaching and many teachers prefer different subjects to teach. Brooks felt her least favorite class she taught was sixth grade English. When asked why, she gave vague answers, possibly relating her dislike of the class to the immaturity of its students. This assumption is supported by her choice of favorite class to teach: AP Language.

Teachers are the building blocks of our education, it would be hard to imagine a world without them.