Media and violence


Steve Stephens livestreamed the gunning down of an old man on Easter in 2017.

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

For decades, and especially in the last few years, news channels and media have shown violence and death to the public, causing controversy to arise over proceeding consequences.

Senior Olivia Sweeney feels that it is okay for news channels to play videos of violent attacks, because it shows the awful nature of act and may make people want to end violence.

“It shows how terrible they are, and can make people want to stop them from happening,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney also thinks that pictures of bodies are okay to make public in relation to crime as long as they are censored.

“I think if the pictures are somewhat censored they should be allowed,” said Sweeney.

Senior Natasha Beckett, however, feels that showing pictures of dead bodies, even in relation to a crime, is disrespectful to the victim.

“I guess I would say it’s not okay to show pictures of dead bodies because it is disrespectful to the victims,” said Beckett.

Sweeney thinks that showing videos of murders are disrespectful as they invade the privacy of victims and their family.

“I feel like videos of people dying should not be shown because it is an invasion of a very private part of some’s life,” said Sweeney.

As for if violence on the news causes more violence, Sweeney feels that it provokes the public.

“It often agitates the public and can cause more chaos,” said Sweeney.

Beckett thinks that the media does not really influence the public to be more violent, and the people with violent tendencies will have them no matter the situation.

“People are going to be violent no matter what,” said Beckett.

Sweeney thinks that how the media portrays violence can cause people to think violence is not bad, and that it has desensitized people.

“Media is everywhere and can access so many different things, and can show people that violence isn’t as bad as it seems,” said Sweeney. “I think more people are used to seeing violence and are becoming more numb to it.”

When Beckett sees violence on the news, she says that she just feels annoyed.

“I feel annoyed. People are always fighting and the news always makes a big deal out of everything,” said Beckett.

Sweeney feels sad when she sees violence on the news because people feel that they need to get violent with others.

“It makes me feel sad that people feel the need to resort to violence to get their points across,” said Sweeney.