Pop Culture

Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Pop culture tends to be the most watched television shows, historic pop stars or even the most played song of 2016. As a majority, what people favor is what decides the current pop culture.

The makeup we wear and how we dress ourselves is in different ways and, at times, makes different statements about who we are as a person.

“My biggest pet peeve about appearances is when someone draws on their eyebrows really boxy,” said senior Samantha May. “The more natural your eyebrows look, the more approachable you are.”

Appearance isn’t all that is involved with pop culture; movies and television shows play a major part and what tends to be “socially acceptable” in today’s society.

“How to be single,” is the movie May said she wouldn’t watch with her parents. “It is about a girl in New York trying to find herself, but by sleeping around with different guys. I just would not watch anything over a PG-13 degree with my parents!”

Aside from movies and what we watch on television, what we listen to on our radios and phones plays a large part on how we react to things as a whole.“I tend to mostly listen to classic rock and pop music,” said May. “My favorite pop singer is definitely Selena Gomez, and my favorite song by her is, “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself” she is gorgeous, smart and funny. She is a great role model and inspiration for younger girls all around the world.”