Generational patriotism

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

Over time, patriotism has changed significantly. Different generations have various perspectives and opinions about Patriotism in the United States.

Junior student, Natalie Dauber, believes that being taught about Patriot Day and patriotism is important.

“Without Patriots, we wouldn’t have the United States,” said Dauber. “Patriotism is taking pride in your country, as well as helping it be a better place.”

Dauber thinks that tragedies can improve patriotism.

“America has been patriotic a few times when disaster occurs. A current example is the people and organizations that helped with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief,” said Dauber.

English teacher, Michelle Brooks, believes that patriotism is shown in different ways.

“There are many different forms of patriotism and they should all be respected. People should try to keep an open mind,” said Brooks.

Brooks firmly believes that the government is not responsible for patriotism.

“Patriotism can’t be legislative. It is based off of opinions and strong emotions,” said Brooks.

Dauber and Brooks offer different views on the importance of patriotism and how people show it.

“If people have pride for their country, they will feel more united. People will be more willing to focus on others and their country,” said Dauber. “Some people have become defined by groups such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and political beliefs instead of being united as American citizens.”

“To some degree, patriotism is important. It matters to care for one another, yet some people mistake extreme support with worshipping it,” said Brooks. “America can be patriotic, but it depends on an individual’s view. Some people might believe that peaceful protests and elections are patriotic, yet it truly depends on the definition of patriotism that a person might be referring to.”

Dauber and Brooks have opposite perspectives concerning what a world without patriotism might look like.

“America would be a bad place to live. Nobody would choose to join the military for the main purpose of fighting for the United States. Due to this, the draft would occur more, leaving more people unhappy. The worst part is that people would begin to look out only for themselves, not for others,” said Dauber.

“It would be more tolerant without people being overly ‘patriotic,” said Brooks.