Overdose Awareness Month


Lily Martin

Portraits of suggested names of ones who have passed away due to drug overdose.

Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Everyone knows someone who hast lost someone to an overdose, very recently. The main cause of death in the state of West Virginia is caused by overdose.

There are several different opinions on how we can decrease the number of overdoses in West Virginia per year. Cece Brown has her ideas on decreasing overdoses, ever since she lost her son, Ryan Brown, to an addiction overdose.

“There needs to be more resources such as treatment beds, sober living homes and recovery coaches,” said Brown. “Narcan should be used on every overdose, ensuring that families and first responders are trained and ensure low, or no cost for narcan.”

Every addict has a story of how their addiction started. Sarah Cordwell, recovering addict, shares the reason she turned to drugs.

“The first time I used was when I was eleven years old. It was following a sexual assault by a family member who is also an addict,” said Cordwell. “I continued to use for twenty three years.”

Measures can be, and have been taken in order for addicts to cover. In order for someone to recover, they have to want it.

“I am a member and participant in a 12 step program. In the program I have learned some simple practices that help keep me clean. Some of those include, not using no matter what, being honest about who I am and how I feel,” said Cordwell. “Being open minded enough for other recovering addicts to help me stay clean helps. I keep up with prayer and participate in a lot of service work within my fellowship and my community. For example, I do what I can to help the next addict to stay clean.”

Helping others who struggle with addiction, can ease the pain of losing someone to an overdose.

“My husband and I had no idea that helping others was going to help us. And it did. Seeing so many people who have changed their lives and are in recovery, is such a blessing to us,” said Brown. “One of the things that I found out later is that the new grief model includes helping others. That’s part of recovering with grief as well. And I actually learned that after we started down this path of grief.”