Do Aliens Exist?

Hannah Tomes, Staff Reporter

For years people have been wondering, do aliens really exist? It’s hard to tell which claims are true and which ones are false. Some students at Cabell Midland High School shared their opinions about it on Tuesday.

A lot of people believe there are aliens out there somewhere, while others think it is just a myth. Sophomore Meredith Mears believes that aliens aren’t real because there is no evidence to support their existence.

“I don’t believe in aliens. No one has ever seen one, and I feel like the whole idea of them is just pointless.” said Mears.

There is no doubt that whether you believe in aliens or not, you have definitely heard of them and seen pictures of what we imagine them to look like. There are so many movies and books that discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and as the mystery grows stronger there will surely be more in the years to come. Sophomore Madison Floyd thinks that aliens probably don’t look exactly like how they are portrayed in the media.

“If aliens did exist, I don’t think they would look like the Hollywood version. I feel like they’re really over-exaggerated in films.” said Floyd.

For many people, the idea of possibly contacting another life form seems exciting and even thrilling. It would no doubt be a large scientific breakthrough for our society. Other people, however, think that it isn’t such a good idea to try and get in touch with something not of this Earth.

“I think it’s a bad idea to try and contact aliens. I think they would most likely be harmful to our society because they seem creepy and weird. If aliens ever came here, I wouldn’t like it because they would probably be aggressive.” said Mears.

Some people think aliens would be very helpful to our society and have lots of advanced technology to offer. If aliens really do exist, then it is hard to tell what will happen if we ever encounter them someday.

“I don’t think humans and aliens could ever live together in peace. We’re pretty unappreciative and we wouldn’t want to share what we have with others that aren’t the same as us.” said Floyd.