Students and Employment


Faith Caudill

Faith shows her experience in daycare employment.

Faith Caudill, Staff Reporter

Many high school students have the responsibilities of having school and work almost every day. Through the eyes of an employed student stress is always on the table along with trying to live up to the expectations of having the perfect high school experience.

“The hardest part about having a job and going to school is that you hardly ever have time to do anything,” said senior Haydn Bowen. “Even though getting paid makes it all worth it sometimes I just want to have a week off so I can focus on school.”

Not many teachers put into consideration all of the responsibilities students have, you never know the circumstances or the reason behind a student having a job. A good thing to know is that your teacher will have your back and understand that you might be tired one day because you have two jobs and have worked thirty hours a week along with eight hours of school every day.

“When I have a student that has a job I really appreciate when they let me know because I will one hundred percent understand that you might be running a little slow one day,” said teacher Mr. Ripley. “I get that some kids have to have jobs because they have to pay for their car or simply they just want to help out their parents.”

Being a student and having a job helps with the reality of the real world, you quickly understand that life isn’t fair and you can’t always do what you want, such as having to work on the weekend and missing a “big party” but that’s life. It’s better for us to learn now when we choose to have a job than when we have bills to pay.

“ I have a job because I enjoy the challenge, juggling work and school can be very stressful sometimes but it’s all worth it when you get your report card with straight A’s and a pay check in the same day.” said senior, Bowen.