Student Hobbies


Hobbies come in every size and shape!

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

All students have hobbies in some shape or another. Sometimes, people consider hobbies to be an expression of one’s self and vital to the stability of one’s life.

Junior student, Jordan Armstrong, believes that hobbies are important.

“A hobby is something that you prefer to do on your own time. They help stress by taking your mind off the pressures that you are dealing with in the world,” said Armstrong. “For example, sport activities are a good way to relieve your mind and body while interacting with other people.”

Armstrong thinks that people should be completely content with their hobbies.

“As long as you have a hobby that makes you happy, nobody can judge your hobby,” said Armstrong. “Some people are stereotypical of hobbies because they are not acquainted with that hobby. They make up what that hobby is about without participating in it.”

Armstrong additionally believes that people can view hobbies differently, including himself.

“Every person has their own perspective of what a hobby is and whether they do it to relieve stress or just because they enjoy it,” said Armstrong. “For instance, I like going to watch my family members play sports and browsing YouTube.”

Armstrong strongly believes that student hobbies should be valued.

“The way people contribute to their hobbies show by their actions and dedication, which should always be respected,” said Armstrong.

Senior student, Emmalina Adkins, thinks that hobbies are vital to finding yourself.

“Hobbies help students get an image of who they are and what they like in life,” said Adkins.

Adkins also believes that some people are judged for what they like to do for a hobby and thinks that they should be respected.

“Most people do have weird hobbies, but they should not take it to heart. The people that judge are usually the ones with the strangest hobbies,” said Adkins. “If you respect my hobbies, why shouldn’t I respect others?”