Student Loans

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Student loans

Student debt is one of the most notable debts in the United States. It’s estimated that Americans owe more than a trillion dollars. Individually, the average student loan debt is over $30,000.

But is the high price for furthering one’s education at college really worth it? Senior Kiley McCoy thinks that the debt is an investment in a better future.

“A little student debt can get you so far ahead in your future,” said McCoy.

Senior Dakota Carroll thinks that taking out student loans is beneficial because it allows people to go to college earlier than if they waited until they had enough money.

“I believe that student loans are worth the trouble because they allow you to go ahead to college and pay it off later rather than wait,” said Carroll.

However, tuition has dramatically increased in the past few decades. The U.S. has one of the highest average tuitions in the world.

McCoy thinks that this steep price is due to inflation and the large demand for college graduates.

“Inflation and increased demands are probably the biggest factors in high tuition,” said McCoy.

Carroll theorizes that because costs of living have gone up, colleges have raised tuition as well.

“The costs of college have likely increased due to the overall expense of living, and colleges adjust tuition to continue making money,” said Carroll.

Many students struggle to find valuable information on scholarships or financial aid even with school resources. McCoy herself has worked hard for the information she has found.

“I’ve honestly not received much help in finding scholarships. Most of the things I’ve found have been because I’ve pursued it,” said McCoy.

Few students already have government assistance with college tuition. Carroll has received the G.I. from her dad for his work in the military.

“I received the G.I. Bill from my dad. He transferred it to me to pay for most, if not all, of my college so I could be as debt free as possible,” said Carroll.

Today, more and more jobs require some kind of college degree. For most people, getting a degree allows them a certain degree of security.

Carroll believes that a degree is important to make more than minimum wage in your career.

“Overall, I think that degrees are still worth the time and money because many jobs are starting to require degrees if you want to make more than minimum wage,” said Carroll.