Sports Are Bringing Students Closer


Bethany Tomblin

Because Midland Knights take on the field, they build a bond in doing so.

Alyssa Johnston, Staff Reporter

     Freshmen and seniors are looking forward to the new school year as sports are starting up. Expectations for basketball are both high and low, but getting through this long and eventful season will be a blast.

     “I am actually on the girls basketball team this year,” said freshman Autumn Lewis. “ I now realize exactly how good I am at this sport and I am going to push my talent to its ability this year.”

     As a freshman, getting into a sport may be a little too stressful it just depends.

     “I kinda wanted to be in basketball this gear but I decided not to since I had so much homework in the first few days,” said freshman Conner Daniels.  “Now that we are further in the school year a little bit I kinda wish I was able to join a sport I want”

     As a freshman in a new school around new people a bunch of kids are meeting new people and drifting away from their old ones unless they are in sports.

     “Another reason I’m really happy I joined basketball is my friends,” said Lewis. “I have no classes at all with my best friends and with basketball I get to spend a lot of time with a few of them.”

     A lot of people are terrified going into some of their first high school games and being in them but others just want big of their team.

     “The thing that scares me most about the games is not winning I don’t want to look like a failure in front of a bunch of people,” said Lewis. “I’m a normal person and I make mistakes just like anyone else but if I let my team down I wouldn’t feel great about myself.”

     The biggest thing people should realize is you have to get involved during high school. Such as go to the games or join clubs. If you don’t, you won’t be able to make new friends as easy. Once you get in high school that’s a big thing, being involved.

     “Through middle school I even noticed that joining teams and going to games was good for me I became more social than I ever was and I’m proud I was part of a team.” said Daniels.