Fall Beginnings

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

To people around the world, fall means something different to everyone. Some might find fall to be beautiful and enjoyable, while others might despise it altogether.

Junior students Yousef Abdelgaber and Brady Adkins have opposing views when it comes to the fall season and what it means for students.

“Fall to me means the falling of leafs as they prepare for the decreased amount of sunlight coming in the winter season,” said Abdelgaber. “Leafs fertilize the ground and leave a mess on people’s lawns. In a way that could symbolize a person’s self-consciousness.”

“To me, fall is the same as every other season. It is nothing special,” said Adkins. “For smaller children, leafs that come in a variety of colors like orange, brown, yellow, and red can be seen as a toy, something to be played in.”

Abdelgaber and Adkins discuss their favorite fall foods.

“Pumpkin lollipops, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin seeds are my seasonal favorites. You can’t get them any other time of the year,” said Abdelgaber.

“Turkey and mashed potatoes, plus pumpkin pie make the perfect meal,” said Adkins. “My favorite holiday of the fall season, which is Thanksgiving, allows me to eat these foods and spend valuable time with my family.”

Both junior students agree about the best part of fall.

“Fall offers holidays that allow students to take time off from school. It gives students time to enjoy themselves,” said Abdelgaber and Adkins.

Adkins believes that the weather perfectly impacts his favorite clothing to wear.

“Since the weather is perfect, not too cold, and not too hot, it allows me to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants,” said Adkins.

Adkins thinks that the season of fall is beautiful.

“In fall, leafs change colors creating beautiful scenery. Around here, compared to other areas, leaves do not change as drastically, which is sad considering the beauty of it all,” said Adkins.