“High school Relationships”


Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

The one thing some girls, and perhaps some guys, tend to look for in high school is relationships. It’s not impossible to marry your high school sweetheart, but it’s not common either.

Girls dating in high school may think that a boyfriend is something they can’t live without.

“My first relationship lasted two months. At first I was really happy, but then he became very controlling and was protective of my every move,” said senior Hannah Smith. “It was a mutual decision to break up, I found a relationship with him to be too immature.”

Some girls have high standards when it comes to being in a relationship, or they have certain expectations from who they are with.

“One of my pet peeves is when I am in a relationship with someone and he turns out to be a player. I usually have to find out through someone else and it’s just embarrassing,” said Smith. “My biggest pet peeve is guys who use girls. It’s just wrong and causes girls to become more insecure.”

Guys in high school tend to look for different things in a girl when in a relationship than girls do, such as appearance.

“Guys are more concerned with how girls look rather than their personality or if they succeed or not,” said Smith. “They care about the girls’ physique, whether she’s curvy, if she’s skinny, if she wears makeup or if she is pretty in their eyes.”

What girls in high school look for in guys tends to be more about personality and how he treats her in a relationship.

“The perfect boyfriend for me has to be someone who has a good sense of humor, a great personality, and is very spontaneous,” said Smith. “To add to that, he has to treat me right as well. A gentleman would pay for me, take me out on dates, open doors for me, and call once a day to say goodnight.”