A CMHS Football Reunion

Kansas Jayhawks fighting the West Virginia Mountaineers for the ball during the game this past month.

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Kansas Jayhawks fighting the West Virginia Mountaineers for the ball during the game this past month.

Morgan Browning

Cabell Midland High School is known as the largest school in West Virginia, which means a lot of students go there. After graduation, they go off to college all around the United States, making them separate from their high school friends and teammates. Two years ago, Midland sent three of their all-star players off to play college football, including Lucas Jacobs, Caperton Humphrey, and Reese Donahoe. Jacobs signed to play with the Kansas Jayhawks, where Humphrey joined him a year later. Donahoe signed with the West Virginia Mountaineers, even graduating a semester early to join the team. These three were known as a trio on the Midland football team, making their senior year an undefeated season with the help of the other Knights.

After two years away from playing with each other, WVU was finally scheduled to play at Kansas. Right away, the boys were excited for another chance to play on the same field together, even if it was on separate teams.  All four of the boys had so much fun, giving thanks to the sport they all love that brought them together again.

“This game was a lot of fun! Watching my home state team play right before my eyes was really enjoyable,” Jacobs exclaimed. “Being able to see Reese after the game was super nice too, since I haven’t seen him since we graduated high school.”

Another former Midland football player, Darian Leftwich, traveled with the Mountaineers to support them and see his best friend again, Jacobs. “I got in late Friday night and Saturday morning I went to hangout with Sigma Kappa sorority. They showed me around and showed me the stadium, which is bigger than Marshall University’s, but smaller than WVU’s,” Leftwich explained.

“The crowd for the game wasn’t huge, but WVU traveled well for the distance,” he added.

The game started out and WVU immediately took the lead, staying this way most of the game.

“The game was actually really good one and it was cool to see Reese, Lucas, and Cape all on the same field of a D1 game. Lucas didn’t get to play because the offensive line doesn’t rotate, but Reese and Cape got to play against each other with Reese on defense and Cape on offense,” said Leftwich.

“Reese had several tackles and Cape made a huge block to allow Kansas to score, making the game closer. It was definitely cool to see three dudes I played high school ball with on a big stage like that,” Leftwich concluded.

Other former football players of Midland who are still playing together include Dustin Bouck, Drew Keeton, and Tyler Brown who are all apart of the West Virginia State Yellow Jackets.

To conclude, Midland has had a good group of football players come through and the NCAA is lucky to have them. The Mountaineers took the win against the Jayhawks on Saturday, September 23rd, but the friendship between the boys is still just as strong.

Caperton Humphrey during high school football.
Caperton Humphrey (35) now, in college football.
Lucas Jacobs (70) during high school football.
Lucas Jacobs (70) now, in college football.
Reese Donahoe (46) during high school football.
Reese Donahue now, in college football.
Lucas Jacobs (far left), Darian Leftwich (middle), and Tyler Brown (far right) during high school football.