Is homecoming worth it

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is an annual tradition that many students and staff look forward to. However, a significant number of students choose not to attend for various reasons.

One of the biggest factors in students’ decision not to attend homecoming is cost.

Senior Desiree Ward has already spent hundreds of dollars this year alone for homecoming and hundreds more in past years.

“For homecoming this year I’ve spent about $200 so far. In the past few years, I’ve probably spent about $150 to $200,” said Ward.

Despite this steep price, Ward feels that the homecoming experience is worth it because there are only so many opportunities to dress up and have a special night.

“Homecoming is worth going to because you only get to dress up like a princess a few times in your life,” said Ward.

Senior Cadence Edmonds, however, has only attended homecoming once and thought that homecoming was not worth the money.

“I’m not going to homecoming again this year, but last year I spent too much. It was about $400 for the one night,” said Edmonds.

Edmonds thinks that homecoming is worth experiencing at least once though, even if the dance can be pricey.

“Homecoming isn’t worth going to every year because there’s so much that goes into only one night, but it’s good to experience at least once because you get to be fancy and spend time with your friends,” said Edmonds.

Many people want to go to homecoming but are worried that if they don’t dress up then they will be out of place.

Ward says that people should wear what they want to homecoming, especially if they can’t afford an especially glitzy outfit for the night.             “Homecoming is supposed to allow kids to have fun for one night, and if they can’t afford a dress or suit they should still come and enjoy themselves with friends,” said Ward.

Edmonds thinks people should wear whatever they want as long as they feel their best.

“People should wear whatever makes them happy, so if someone wants to wear something casual to homecoming that’s fine,” said Edmonds.