Why should you take Costume and Makeup class?

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

The Costume and Makeup department of Cabell Midland offers the ability to learn multiple skills while still being a part of the arts academy. Many people do not realize the possibilities of this course.

Junior, Adrianna Porter is in her first year of costume and makeup and is surprised by how great the class has turned out to be.

“I was not sure at first when signing up for this class, but anyone who likes cosmetics should put Costume and Makeup in their schedules.” said Porter.

The Costume and Makeup class is more than just doing makeup. This course applies to many art fields and teaches a lot of special skills.

“We learn the color wheel, what colors complement each other, which colors extenuate facial features, and special effects makeup.” said Porter.

The Costume and Makeup students also interact and are a large part of the performing arts department. They assist with productions the school puts on for the community.

“We get to do the show makeup for the theater students when they perform. Mr. Bailey also teaches us how to sow and that comes in handy for the productions. Last year, we had to sow all of the patches on the jackets of the Lil’ Abner cast,” said Porter.

Like the stage crew course, costume and makeup allows students to get a “behind-the-scenes” experience for the performing arts department. Although the students still get to explore the non-theater aspects of cosmetics.

“Last week Mr. Bailey had us fill out a face chart on paper and then transfer that beauty look onto our own faces.”

Mr. Bailey’s class offers many great opportunities to students interested in theater, cosmetology, and fashion design within the performing arts department.