Cabell Midland Colorgaurd


J. Hagley

Caitlyn Adams

Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Cabell Midlands colorguard girls work very hard during the school year, preforming at football games and attending competitions on the weekend.

“My favorite thing about being in colorgaurd has to be getting to preform and just feeling the rush before a game or a competition,” said senior, Caitlyn Adams. “I enjoy watching the other bands and seeing everybody work hard and come together as a team!”

When doing an activity or sport for a long time, you find improvements as you learn new techniques.

“I started colorgaurd my junior year, and I’m doing it now, my senior year. Our show this year is a level six on difficulty and compared to last year it’s harder and takes effort,” said Adams. “I do realize and have seen improvements compared to last year, I catch on a lot faster.”

Something catches our eye when we want to join a club, or sport, or activity, it’s different for all of us.

“What made me want to join guard was seeing all of the girls preform,” said Adams. “I liked the idea of getting to dress up and compete.”

Sometimes when we have committed to something for so long, we tend to get tired of it and give up, but some keep with it.

I have definitely felt like giving up. My first year of band camp I remember coming home and crying almost every day. It was really tough and I really wanted to quit,” said Adams. “Once you get past camp and you get on the field and get to preform, it’s so amazing.”

Doing things you love or enjoy can also teach you lessons.

“Colorgaurd has taught me what it is like to be a team and how to work together to accomplish things,” said Adams. “If I were to give advice to any girls wanting to join guard next year it would have to be listen, and try your best, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need help, and practice.”