Dogs of the Issue

Dogs of the Issue

Morgan Browning

Everyone has always said that “A diamond is a girl’s best friend,” but personally, I think dogs are a girl’s best friend. Anytime I see a dog, my heart feels all fuzzy and I feel obligated to pet it. I also try to bring home any homeless dog that I see on the streets. I love all dogs.

As seniors in high school, we are all preparing for college. For some of us, that will require leaving our dogs at home. That can be one of the worst things about leaving. So, I decided to share some of the cutest dogs that the 2018 seniors own, to make your day even better.

  1. Olive- Bassett Hound

Senior Tatum True

  • Olive loves to play with cardboard boxes and chase True’s younger brother, Teague.

  1. Nala and Top- Great Danes

Senior Faith Caudill

  • Nila loves to sit down and cross her paws.
  • Top loves to jump on people.
  • They both hate the family’s 5 pound yorkie, Zeus.

  1. Boomer- Corgi

Senior Skylar Davis

  • Boomer loves to swim, jet ski, and eat corn on the cob.

  1. Rico- Chihuahua

Senior Samantha Christian

  • Rico loves to run around and sleep.

  1. Sunny- Yellow Lab

Senior Morgan Bennett

  • Sunny loves to swim in the pool and sticks her head through the tiny dog door to see who is there, whenever someone comes over.

  1.  Maggie- Boston Terrier

Senior Hannah Black

  • Maggie likes to play with her toy and sleep, but not without her toy.

  1. Tucker- Beagle

Senior Hunter Wheeler

  • Tucker enjoys napping and barking at random things.

  1. Roo (Australian Shepherd/Border Collie), Beamer (Retriever), and Keen (Mutt)

Senior Delaney Briers

  • All three of her dogs enjoy playing tug of war, eating treats, running free at the park, cuddling, and giving kisses.

  1. Mo- Mix

Senior Katherine Sauvageot

  • Mo likes to play with his tennis ball, take walks with his tennis ball, and sleep with his tennis ball.
  1. Mikey- English Bulldog

Senior Andy Michael

  • Mikey likes to eat.







Lastly, the friends of senior Katie Branhan want to send out their condolences as she had to say goodbye to her childhood three legged mutt, Bruno.

Rest in Peace.