October athlete of the issue

Brennon Shope, Sports Editor


Sophomore Cameron Grobe has stood out in the sports world this month. A dual sport athlete who starts for both the varsity football and soccer teams. Grobe, had a remarkable game recently for the soccer team, as the goalkeeper he had a countless number of saves and blocked two penalty kicks. This game against the George Washington Patriots, one of the best teams in the state, was a hard loss for our Knights. Grobe, however, was very proud of his performance. He only allowed one goal from a team with two players who are on the Eastern Region US soccer team.

Still a sophomore, Grobe has two more years to learn and grow at his sports of choice. Future experience will only make him better. Grobe starts for the varsity football team as the kicker. Since he is so young, the coaches try not to put him in difficult situations. Therefore, he hasn’t had many opportunities to kick. Cameron was the subject of last minute pressure at an outing against the Capital Cougars, in which he missed a go ahead field goal in the final 10 seconds. This allowed the Cougars to run two plays, one of which ended in a passing touchdown, and the loss for Cabell Midland. Some blame can be given to Mr. Grobe for missing the field goal, but some must be placed on the coaching staff for calling a timeout with 10 seconds still on the clock and not letting the play run down more. The extra seconds let Capital run their final plays, so coaching may have played a part in this loss.