Trump’s repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Recently, President Donald Trump repealed the immigration policy Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program allowed illegal immigrant children to legally stay in the U.S. if they met certain guidelines.

The program was created by an executive order by Barack Obama. Trump repealed the program and has sent it back through Congress, giving them six months to pass it or they will readdress the issue.

Senior Hannah Compton thinks that it wasn’t constitutionally wrong for Obama to pass DACA through an executive order, but it violates the intention of the democratic system.

“Constitutionally, it was sound to make an executive order, it just doesn’t make it right,” said Compton.

Compton feels that it was unnecessary for Trump to repeal DACA because it nothing bad has occurred from it being in place.

“Repealing DACA was an overreach on Trump’s end. I understand wanting to stop illegal immigration, but nothing bad has happened because of DACA, so there was no need to overreach,” said Compton.

Senior Emmaleigh Smith thinks that creating DACA through an executive order was the right move because it helps immigrants who would be deported otherwise.

“Making DACA through an executive order was right. If it was not made through executive order, immigrants could face deportation, and that is the exact opposite of the aim of this policy,” said Smith.

Compton feels that gaining citizenship is easy enough for people who want to truly get the rewards and wait times are the biggest issue with gaining citizenship.

“The path to citizenship is easy enough. If there’s any reform that needs to be done, the time frame is the only issue I see. Maybe cut back the wait to a year,” said Compton.

Smith agrees that wait times to get citizenship are extremely long.

“I believe the citizenship test and the process leading up to gaining citizenship is much too drawn out. Some hopeful immigrants don’t receive citizenship for over ten years, and that is ridiculous,” said Smith.