Dating From Different Schools


Alexis McComas and boyfriend, Scott.

Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Some relationships function better than others when functioning on more or less time spent together.

“Dating someone from another school is sometimes challenging when trying to see each other when you both have busy schedules,” said junior Alexis McComas. “Where neither of us can drive yet it become difficult to find rides to get to each other.”

All relationships start somewhere, whether it be meeting through a friend of a friend, out at a football game or just bumping into each other at the mall.

“We have been together for seven months now,” said McComas. “My brother introduced us to one another and we ended up hanging out that whole night.”

With every relationship there can come flaws and battles between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

“The one thing that upsets me,” said McComas.” “Is not getting to see him as much as I want when I want.”

But along with a con comes one or more pros.

“The positive thing about dating someone from another school has to be getting a break to focus on taking care of yourself,” said McComas. “Another positive is getting a chance to focus on school work and your education.”

Being in a relationship with someone can impact people both positively and negatively.

“For me, my boyfriend has made my life much better. He is a happy person and all around made me a positive person,” said McComas. “He keeps me motivated and helps me to stay on track of the things I want to accomplish, along with standing by my side no matter what.”

In certain relationships or situations, people look for change to find balance or happiness, but it’s not always needed.

“I love how my relationship is right now, I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said McComas. “I have had people tell me about their relationships and I just noticed how different theirs is from ours. I’ve heard how most couples fight and we really don’t. We are pretty chill together.”