Grading System Bust?

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

School across the country and world have different grading systems. Students here at Cabell Midland discuss and explain why our current grading scale needs changed.

Junior student, Emily Ash believes that Cabell County Schools need to change the grading scale to match those of colleges.

“The scale we have now affects some students grade point average when they are doing well in their college course,” said Ash. “Other countries have a grading scale similar to the one used by American colleges, and it is successful.”

Junior, Jordan Armstrong thinks that changing the grade scale would help all students.

“If the grading scale were to be changed, more students would benefit from using the current college grading scale,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong highlights that the current county-wide grading scale has not personally impacted him,

“It has not really impacted me, my grades meet and exceed that average standards, that is all I could hope for,” said Armstrong.

Junior, Brady Adkins thinks that the likelihood of changing the existing grading scale is highly unlikely.

“Whether high schools apply the ten-point grading scale to all classes or only the college courses does not matter,” said Adkins. “It would take too much work for the scale to be changed, therefore, this will most likely not happen.”

Junior student, Sydney Adkins believes that all schools in the United States should be required to have the same grading scale.

“The current grading scale is completely unfair to the students taking college courses,” said Adkins. “Sometimes, you can’t get your grade up to the 93. Then, your G.P.A. is lower on your high school grade card, even though you have an ‘A’ on your college transcript. It is unfair for me to have to compete with students from other schools when they have the advantage of going by the ten-point scale, giving them a higher G.P.A.”