ESPN Fantasy Basketball

Tyler Schelling, News Reporter

On Wednesday October 18 The Misters fantasy basketball league started. Our first priority was our draft. We have eight teams and each team drafts one player per pick. Each team will draft 13 players in total with eight players playing on the bench or as alternates. Participating in our league are the following, Chef Schelling (Tyler Schelling), Tribe of Benjamin (Benjamin Schelling), Finesse Kids (Steven Rose), Team Camo (Cameron Holley), Gonja Gods (Brody Aliff), Team Harmic (Logan Harmic), Team Bradley (Bradley Schelling), Team Williams (Chase Williams). The League is split up into the Eastern and Western Conference.

East West
1.      Chef Schelling (1-0) 1.   Team Williams (1-0)
2.      Team Camo (1-0)              2.   Gonja Gods (1-0)
3.      Finesse Kids (0-1)              3.   Team Bradley (0-1)
4.      Tribe of Benjamin (0-1)              4.   Team Harmic (0-1)


October 17 through the 22 was our first week of play. Chef Schelling matched up with Tribe of Benjamin; Finesse Kids matched up against Team Camo; Gonja Gods matched up with Team Harmic; and Team Williams matched up with Team Bradley. It was a great start to the season with Chef Schelling, Team Camo, Team Williams, and Gonja Gods all winning that week of play. Finesse Kids, Tribe of Benjamin, Team Bradley, and Team Harmic all start out the season with a loss.

Chef Schelling finished in first with 716 fantasy points throughout the first week of play. James Harden being his leading scorer with 82 fantasy points, 83 points, five steals, 27 assists, and 12 rebounds. Coming in second with 692 fantasy points was Team Camo, his leading scorer was Karl-Anthony Towns with 92 fantasy points. Towns accumulated 65 points, four blocks, three steals, three assists, and 35 rebounds.

Player of the Week goes to Giannis Antetokounmpo; Team Williams has himself a keeper with Giannis. Giannis was the top scorer of the first week of play with 134 fantasy points. The numbers he has been putting up this week is ridiculous. He scored 115 points in just the first three games of the 2017-2018 NBA season. On top of that, Antetokounmpo has three blocks, eight steals, 15 assists, and 29 rebounds; making him the Player of the Week (Oct. 17-Oct. 22).