Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

As the beginning of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season rolls around, we are reminded of the holiday spirit that causes a spark of kindness in others.

Junior student, Jaden Forbush, believes that Thanksgiving and Christmas is revolved around unity.

“When I think of the holiday season, I immediately think of spending quality time with my family,” said Forbush.

Junior student, Josh Dauber, shares an example of great kindness in the community.

“A couple weeks ago, the Leo Club hosted a kickball to collect canned foods that would help local students,” said Dauber.

Dauber reveals why the Leo Club chooses to focus on community outreach.

“The Leo Club was started to help people who lived with visual impairments,” said Dauber. “Now the Leo Club has the resources to help the community become better for all citizens.”

Junior student, Sydney Adkins, states that people treat others differently during this time of year.

“During this time of year, everyone seems nicer,” said Adkins. “The holiday spirit tends to make others happier, causing them to be kinder towards others.”

Adkins also believes that people should start carrying the sentiment of kindness year-round.

“You should always strive to be nice to people. The feeling you get when you help someone is irreplaceable,” said Adkins. “Why should people give back to the community? It is the right thing to do and if you have the means to help, then you should. What if one day you need help? You are going to need the same kindness returned to you.”

Adkins thinks that people often overlook the occasion to volunteer.

“It is sad, but true. People can be selfish,” said Adkins. “People seem to only focus on what would solely benefit them, but at the same time completely expecting other to fill the roles that need to be filled in the community.”

Adkins states that volunteering has taught her valuable lessons that she will keep for the rest of her life.

“Volunteering has taught me that a simple act of kindness can change a person’s life,” said Adkins. “Nothing feels better than knowing that you were able to make a difference.”